Inspired Practices

Children’s Character Calendar

I am cultivating harmony today.

I am doing my work intelligently and listening for good ideas.

I am building my own happiness today.

By treating others well, I surround myself with good feeling.

I am creating more intelligence today.

By listening carefully, I can hear the deeper meaning

in what I am learning.

I am willing to increase my knowledge by whatever means are available to me. I am willing to practice the things I need to memorize.

I will say them many, many times and write them over and over again.

To increase my ability to express my unlimited ideas, I will expand my vocabulary as widely as possible.

I will practice my new words and write creative sentences with them.

I will express gratitude today. 

In order to share my appreciation with someone, I will write a Thank-you note to one who has shared with me.

I will express self-respect today.

I will dress neatly and cleanly.  I will stand up straight.

I will be attentive today.

I have the power to listen and to concentrate on what is important.

I have ideas which come to me from within my own thoughts.

I will invent a game for myself to play.

I will use words and art materials.

My character is beautiful.

I have kind hands, compassionate eyes, and an understanding heart.

Next meditation:

I am authentic, honest and true.

What I will do for me, I will do for you.

Being kind is being strong. Being strong is being kind.

I am both.

I am confident in my ability to be responsible for my own life,

to keep myself happy,

and to help others feel good about who they are.

My happiness comes from knowing my gifts and my strengths and sharing them with others.

I am in awe of the beauty and goodness around me, in nature and in the character of all those I know.

Strong morals enable me to know what is right and to act on that regardless of what I see around me.

I am able to care about myself and to also care about others

just as much.

I love to share what I know and to help others feel valuable also.

The peace that I feel in my heart is available to everyone.

I love the true deep character I see in myself and in others.

My honesty gives me the power to do what is right in every case.

My integrity insures that I will be sure to do the right thing because I want to live an uplifting life.

I see clearly the kind of person I am, and I work to make sure that it is the best.

I listen for the ideas which give me abundance and I share willingly with all.

My comfort lies in the fact that we are all precious

and deserve a good life.

I treasure the people around me and their high values and integrity.

What I value are the ways in which we help each other

and lift each other up.

My companionship is with those of like-mind, who have high values and sensitivity to the needs of others.

My power lies in my appreciation of myself and others.  I like to bring out the best in all of us.

My life has a distinct purpose.  I listen to know and feel the best way to express it.

I encounter the best people and the best situations to carry out my purpose.

I am sharing my best ideas with you today.

I love meeting with you to share our best ideas together.

Sharing our ideals lefts us live better lives together.

Our community of ideas is helping to lift every one of us up.

Our best ideals help us to live in harmony together in our community.

We are taking care of everyone when we practice our best attitude toward them.

Everyone feels a little better when we all know we are practicing our best attitude.